The Ashaninka People of the Amônia River, from the Apiwtxa village, are making a call to support the indigenous and other traditional communities of the Upper Juruá River in Marechal Thaumaturgo, Acre, Brazil.

Our purpose is to raise funds for the purchase of support kits for indigenous and non-indigenous families who live in the forest, to help them in this moment of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The kits bring food, equipment, and essential products for the forest dwellers both for daily consumption and to strengthen their local production.

The goal is to raise

R$ 1.000.000,00

to support 1,800 families


(One million Brazilian Reais - About U$200,000)

operational costs




unpredictable events




Distribution rules

The kits provide food, equipment, and essential tools for the forest dwellers both for daily consumption and for strengthening their local production, such as planting tools and fishing materials. With this action, besides increasing the food security of the population, we will be preventing families from having to travel, during the peak of contagion, to the headquarters of Marechal Thaumaturgo. The municipality already has more than 670 confirmed cases, only one doctor and no adequate hospital structure. We will purchase the kits, primarily in local businesses, to support the region's economy, which has also been severely affected.

Let's contribute and help the forest peoples!

They need our support now more than ever!

This appeal is urgent!

Join us, support this campaign. Let's help those who take care of our planet. Donate now to the Ashaninka for the Forest Peoples' campaign!


Marechal Thaumaturgo is a municipality in the state of Acre located in the middle of the forest on the Brazil - Peru border. Approximately 18,000 people live there. The indigenous peoples who live within the municipality of Marechal Thaumaturgo are the Kuntanawa, Huni Kuin (also known as Kashinawa), Jaminawa, Ashaninka, and the Apolima-Arara. In addition to the five indigenous lands, the municipality is also home to the Upper Juruá Sustainable Use Protected Area, and part of the Serra do Divisor National Park. Distant from bigger cities, the population lives mostly from what they produce in the forest and is, at this moment, threatened by the COVID-19 virus. The better-equipped hospital is located hours away, in the capital Rio Branco, and is already operating at its maximum capacity. To help the population of Marechal Thaumaturgo to combat the spreading of the virus and strengthen their self-support, the Ashaninka from the Apiwtxa Association decided to create this campaign with the support of several partners.

The Ashaninka Association of the Amônia River – Apiwtxa was created in 1993 as a strategy to strengthen our community. It functions as an operational arm of the community so that we can manage our projects and articulate ourselves from a social and political point of view. It is through the Apiwtxa Association that we, Ashaninka of the Amônia River, carry out our projects. They aim at the well-being of our people, and surrounding communities – as is the case with this campaign. Besides developing our projects, we also work together with partners from various national and international governmental and non-governmental institutions. Along with these partners, we analyze and develop strategies for the rescue of degraded areas, the protection of biodiversity, the spread of sustainable agroforestry techniques, and cultural dissemination.


Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute


Ricardo Stuckert

Sérgio Vale

Arison Jardim

Pedro Kuperman

Alice Fortes

Carolina Comandulli

This campaign uses Welight's solutions to raise funds. Together, we go beyond technology to accelerate the transformations to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals and balance the relationships between people and the planet.

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